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10days Mentorship program (recorded course)

This recorded course will have validity of one year and cover all topics mentioned below, recorded pgm can be subscribed here using the given link..


The topics covered wil be following.

  • 1. Course Details
  • 2. Risk Management
  • 3. Futures and Options
  • 4.Strike Price Selection
  • 5 Candle Stick Pattern
  • 6 Camarilla Pivot Set up
  • Camarilla Pivot Set up
  • 7 Camarilla Pivot Part 2
  • 8 Camarilla Pivot
  • 9 Camarilla Pivot Examples
  • 10 Camarilla Pivot Based Trade
  • 11 Elder Impulse
  • 12. Gap Trading
  • 13. RSI based setup
  • 14 EMA based setup
  • 15 CPR based setup
  • 16 INDIA VIX
  • 17 Trending OI- Session by Siva Sir
  • 18 ORB
  • 19 Option Selling 2 Day Break Out Strategy
  • 20 Intraday Option Selling Strategy
  • 21 Gamma Blast
  • 22 Momentum Trading Setup (CE exit and ZLSMA Strategy)
  • 23 How to Trade RBI Policy
  • 24 Option Scalping Set up (vwap, supertrend, RSI strategy)
  • 25 BTST Trade Setup
  • 26 Opening Trade Set up
  • 27 Connecting Dots for Option Scalping
  • 28 Crude Oil Set up
  • 29 Open Interest
  • 30 How to Trade in Sideways
  • Market using Bollinger Band
  • 31 Rental Income using stock options
  • 32 9 EMA and VWAP Breakout using Hull Moving Average

Team plz note, thr are many telegram channels in my name, i don't use any of them to give any tips, no telegram channel tips, no fund management, or any such things wer u pay me.. plz note thr is no live trading sessions available as I am not sebi registered analyst, and watever shared is based on my knowledge and experience and is only for educational purposes..

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